Internet Addiction in Kids Reaches Far and Wide

When does Internet usage become “Internet addiction?” When does someone become mentally ill to a level of schizophrenia with being on the Internet? Did you know that any such addiction is not taking place as a result of single cause?

The Difference

If a child or young adult has a goal with his/her internet use than perhaps there is little to worry. Let’s throw more light on it, for example if a teen locks himself in his room without any fruitful aims than that could be a sign of trouble. By the way how does a parent learn what they are up to on their mobile gadgets like Android phones, iPhone, iPad and other tablets? It is possible to know what they are doing on mobile devices, given a silent monitoring application is installed on their devices which records and logs device activity 24/7 without any signs of it running in the background.

Internet Fasting Camps

We see how professionals, executives and others use their laptops, mobile phones and tablets all the time however they do have very normal lives together with their friends, family and passions. Hence Internet fasting can’t stand alone or be useful if not voluntary. It is found that Internet addiction can be caused by depression (due to frustration/failure), bullying, obsessive compulsive disorder (like in gaming), lack of interest due to feeling of disconnect with family or social phobia of face to face communication etc.

There are a few statistics supporting addiction among American kids and according to study conducted by Stanford University around 1 in 8 Americans suffer from Internet addiction and a higher number is reported for South Korean and Chinese kids. If anybody is using the web for 7 to 27 hours a week, it needs to be justified with the end results and they must not neglect a healthy living (hygiene and overall show of happiness during in person interactions).

The Troubles with Conformity at Home

In a recent article on Japanese young having a tough time with all the conformity at home has resulted in what is called “Hikikomori” meaning withdrawal or “pulling in” for some six months. Some say this is the result of lack of better jobs and inability to live a life one’s wishes.

The root cause of depression is when these young find themselves in dead ends and with little parental support. Most parents’ reservations can find meaning with parental monitoring software like Mobile Spy because it will bring the facts on table as their teens’ aims, aspirations and efforts in light. The Mobile Spy program will log and record all their emails, website searches, chat logs, application usage, GPS, photo/videos taken, calls and contacts.

Wise up and tell them why they need to Disconnect

Tell them the benefits of a face to face interaction over a virtual one. If they are not cyber bullied or suffer from other symptoms than kids will understand otherwise parents need to find out the troubling areas with monitoring app Mobile Spy. This app is rated one of the best mobile monitoring software by and its developer’s Retina-X Studios is BBB accredited business.

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The Front-Facing Camera Needs Monitoring

Do you know the reason for the popularity of Twitter’s new video sharing application Vine? When it was introduced it allowed users to share quick snippets of 6 second videos, however only using the rear camera. Last year after much thought, Twitter began allowing users to record videos with the front facing camera as well. Today the Vine app has seen 403% growth making it one of the fastest growing applications. It has let people of all age groups share funny, extraordinary, humorous and unique videos with the rest of the world.

Teens have been adopting the Vine culture as fast as anything viral. Other apps like Instagram saw a 130% growth, Flicker saw 146% growth, WhatsApp saw 123% growth, Facebook saw 115% growth, Skype saw 111% growth, YouTube saw 110% growth, Twitter saw 109% growth, Foursquare saw 108% growth and Facebook Messenger saw 107% growth.

The Front-Facing Camera Needs MonitoringObviously a Selfie can be taken by oneself

We have all felt the need to capture moments and sometimes there is no one around to snap it for us. For the most part, people still ask bystanders to take a quick snap. Then there are others who don’t mind clicking their own photos and zooming in onto themselves, the selfie takers.

A text will only be a text and adding a photo/image to it can add the human element which can boost anyone’s story. Actually kids and teens have figured this one out long ago, and they use selfies and add meme’ (quick text on the top and bottom of their images or on the photos of others) and then share it on forums like Instagram and Twitter. The problem is only when teens don’t mind what they are clicking and recording because what goes online remains online without us deleting it.

The Narcissism Needs Controlling

The present quick photo editing apps and actually hundreds of them both free and paid have made it easy for just about every teen and young child to share their everyday life in photos. There is little wrong in a selfie, however those who are making bad choices are the ones to be blamed.

If Miley Cyrus is posting extreme photos of herself and being a celebrity it is still possible that it is a part of a gimmick to attract viewership. Our children however don’t wish to become television news around the world and that is where the need for mobile monitoring apps such as Mobile Spy. Most normal and healthy people don’t care much about beauty in the images however the story and the connecting energy of a photo.

Selfies Attract More Clicks and Comments

Ever wondered why it is that a selfie would attract more social media clicks and likes, because people connect to faces easily. A lot of kids and people in general are first shy about taking their own photos (especially older people) however kids aren’t at all. They love their photos and share them with everyone. Parents have the responsibility to ensure they don’t post questionable edgy photos, share them with only friends and don’t friend just anyone without knowing them.

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The Tech World, Big News and the Security Concern

In the last few weeks we heard major announcements from tech companies like Samsung, Facebook, Verizon, Vodafone, Apple, Microsoft and Google. It was a lot of news to digest and I felt apt to consolidate all the major news of the last week and the extended weekend so that readers don’t have to sweat at finding the information they need to know. Here are a few of them just for you:

  • Apple’s event scheduled for Sept 10th: I am sure you know at least one or more souls in your circle of friends and family who are waiting to buy the next iPhone which Apple is planning to release very soon. The date is supposedly out now and we can see Apple display its new color iPhone 5s either in gold or champagne color and also there less costly different color iPhone.
  • Samsung’s watch on wearable watches: Samsung is another big tech company to enter the estimated 9.4 million (2016) wearable device market. The company is planning to release the Galaxy Gear Smart Watch which will act as a second screen for social media notifications and other alerts so that its users don’t have to reach out for their smartphone every time.
  • Verizon and Vodafone merger: Verizon brought Vodafone’s wireless business over the weekend. This has emphasized that the Internet is all the more important for Americans and also it is now owned solely by an American company!
  • The Next Android OS will be called Kit Kat: Yes that is true that Android has decided to call its next operating system to be named as Kit Kat. We will see how the new OS is an improvement and how well it will be accepted.
  •  Amazon buys The Washington Post for $250 million: Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos has brought the post and says that it will take years to change the present things. He mentioned that he will be taking on only the guiding role and the future success or failure of Washington Post will not be result of his efforts.
  • Microsoft buys Nokia’s mobile business: Microsoft stock price has declined after this buyout however Microsoft’s vision with Nokia’s mobile business is different. They may be using Microsoft software in Nokia’s phone in the coming years and are hoping to achieve an operating income breakeven by introducing cheaper phones (increased sale turnover) and giving users more options.
  •  Facebook privacy changes and promotion guidelines: Facebook has again changed the privacy policy stating that now it can share people’s pictures, profile, username and likeness with its affiliates and Facebook users can change settings to determine who they want to share that information. Under the promotion guidelines, small and medium sized business can rejoice as they don’t have to use anymore use third party apps for their contests and promotions. They can directly do the same on their fan pages which will reduce time and effort for marketers.

Amid all the changes, there are also worries surrounding companies with denial of service and malware attacks. These attacks can be from one Syria, NSA spending million to track other nations or just about anyone interested in our people or data or even someone who just wants others to reciprocate (trolls). The thing for sure is that the wireless internet is huge, the security concerns are here to stay and the field is ever changing.

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Prevent Low Level Teen Abuse with Keystroke Monitoring

There is a low level abuse everywhere. There is abuse if a person tells you a lie to make you believe something is true. Very recently I went to a touristy place with few friends and when we were there, one person mentioned that we guys couldn’t take a dip in the water as that place is restricted. Some of my friends even agreed with that fellow and stopped however there was no way that that place could be theirs as it was an open public spot.

I was adamant that we could do what we want as it was only about taking a dip in the water!! There is a slight pain in believing that someone would just walk to you and tell you something like this and in reality there are always people out there who would want to brainwash. There is low level of abuse when parents yell, criticize, shout or shame their children in front of others (or not) because these acts get struck as harsh memories in children.

There is abuse again when kids are bullied online or offline (mostly offline on internet today). Nasty comments, name calling, inappropriate tagging in wrong content and un-friending are all some forms of low level abuse which takes to deeper roots if it is ongoing. Women and young ladies are ill treated because sometimes they love fashion, for their self love, for too many “likes” on social networking sites and sometimes just for being self. Sometimes fake profiles trick children and adults alike into believing in something that doesn’t even exist which leads to heart burns and disappointment.  Sometimes people abuse when women support women and when one stands for the right.

Parents feel agitated when they see inappropriate images flash on the television when they are having cornflakes or just watching morning TV with kids. The disappointment is obvious and valid as why would parents support such commercials that don’t pay heed to “impact’ of such ads on the young. There is abuse when very young kids become parents as it is not the right time for them for parenthood. It is a shame when in families, members don’t listen to one another and they are often shouting to be heard.

There is mishandling when kids insult parents for things they don’t understand or when they are over protective. It would be so much better if in place of wishing to change every situation sometimes we change our attitude. All elders must work towards helping children build self esteem and help them whenever their self esteem is lessened.

Today kids as young is 15 years old are writing posts, books and publishing their content on MySpace, Twitter and on online web portals. It would be indeed wonderful if the older generation got assistance in becoming internet literate from kids and also they showed more interest in new technology.

The paramount importance today is that we achieve an understanding that despite the differences in views and experiences we want to learn from each other. In order to stop abuse of different sorts and have a better control, parents and guardians can install monitoring software like SniperSpy for PC and Mac. This way they will understand what kids do online and find out any abuse if there is any. The most essential ingredient of a happy life is acceptance of ‘Now’ and respect for each other. With SniperSpy by Retina-X Studios facts will come out quick as every keystroke and activity gets tracked and also other details so that having knowledge of affairs is not a problem.

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Kids Need Monitoring as They Squander Cash Tapping on Apps

Kids Need Monitoring as They Squander Cash Tapping on AppsWe recently saw another parent becoming a victim of in-app purchases. A Canadian mother was bemused that her two twin children could spend up to $3000 playing a game for just 10 days on her iPad. It started with a simple game download that was a freeware (free app) which actually was a “freemium” download. Are you wondering what the difference between free app and a freemium app is? Well the difference is big as it may cost a parent their monthly salary! Let’s know the difference and save us money where we can.

First off, there are three kinds of apps available on Android‘s Google play, Apple store, iTunes or Lime ware (or any other) for jailbroken iPhones: free apps, paid apps and freemium apps. The free apps are totally free, paid ones require an upfront payment for installation and the freemium apps are initially free to download however to unlock features, get content/specialization/levels/environments, telephone/email support, in-game currency, syncing across platforms, increased database usage (more virtual space like gigabytes) they require ‘in-app’ purchases.

It is called unlocking of features on a ‘lite’ (light/limited) version of the software. The freemium is made of two words, one free and other premium (payment). It is called in-app purchases because an in-app purchase feature allows one to purchase virtual items directly from within the app. All it needs is a few clicks or taps by the user that gives a ‘store kit’ on the app permission to collect payment on the app’s behalf. The apps developers found it easy to earn money like this as a lot of times people download these applications without knowing the real difference.

According to one study in 2012 by Velositor, the average US developer who uses in-app purchase features in their apps could bring somewhere around $63,885 on in-app purchasing sales. Most of these apps are game apps and they rely on busy parents who led kids install games that later leads to huge bills. One way to stop this from happening is being less careless about what kids and teens do on parents’ iPhone, iPad, Android, or BlackBerry smartphones. Parents must set up passwords before any in-app purchase can take place however as passwords can be stored on the phone, the only best bet is to monitor kids when they use these devices.

One of the best software that can not only monitor what apps kids install on the device but also what they do on it, is the highly rated parental monitoring software called PhoneSheriff. See which websites kids surf online, their texts, chats, IMs, apps installed, GPS, photos, videos, emails and block websites that are bad for them.

With application blocking feature block game apps and also subsequent in-app purchases by kids. Monitor what games young children play and for how long. Parents will be able to receive all activity logs on their emails also and can issue time restrictions so that they teens could concentrate on studies when they need to. The PhoneSheriff software also comes with alerts feature for SIM changes, custom, profanity and GEO fencing if kids cross a certain set boundary. Be in total control with PhoneSheriff so that kids don’t regret their own activities later.

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Apple the Fruit for Many Techies and Security Needs

So I read an article on a news site that read fans will be fans and others will be not. It is like if you can somehow afford one, most people would want to have a Mac Book Air, iPhone, iPad, Apple computer or an iPod. It does make sense as why wouldn’t one want to buy them when Apple has terrific line of products and designs.

Apple Annual Developers Conference

We saw few announcements in this conference such as iOS 7, OS X Maverick and Apple’s radio streaming. As mobile is the buzz word, a lot of people were curious about when they can see the new iOS 7. Apple has its major share of profits coming from iPhone sales around 49%, 21% from iPad and a comparative small profit from Macs at 19%. Undoubtedly iPhone remains the favorite among kids, employees, teens, adults and just about anybody. Let’s take a quick overview at the new Apple offerings:

  • iOS 7: The OS design is new two-dimensional with more flat text, more simple scrolling with flat buttons that remain hidden, more multitasking as the screen treats open apps as larger panes to swipe through. Better voice assistance with Siri, so one can use it to play voice-mails, control iTunes, return calls and dive more information. It also has a great ‘Control Center’ to adjust brightness, turn on/off WiFi, quick access for camera, flashlight, timer and calendar. It has a new feature called “Today” which has all notifications for a given day. Then there are more built-in filtering options for photos, better battery life and AirDrop that allows iOS users to share photos/contact info/files easily using WiFi and Bluetooth.
  • OS X Maverick: This is their 10th upgrade and as the word ‘Maverick’ means, it is very unconventional. For starters it is a cylindrical shaped Apple PC and comes with some 200 new features. One can use ‘Maps’ and iBooks with this upgrade across all Apple products. It also has a new Safari browser that comes with upgraded calendar for interactive notifications, shared links for twitter & LinkedIn and process-per-tab architecture for better stable browsing. For increased battery life it has App Nap to literally sleep the inactive apps and compressed memory to free up more memory. With OS X Maverick, organizing will become easy with tagging available for files/folders.

Despite of all the new features, there is a constant need for upping one’s security on mobile gadgets. And one such software developing company that can be reckoned with is Retina-X Studios with their many surveillance and monitoring products. They have Mobile Spy, and parental control/monitoring software like PhoneSheriff for mobile phone and tablet tracking. For Mac computers, they have AceSpy Mac and SniperSpy Mac that come with wonderful features for complete Mac activity logging.

Here let’s share some more insight on one of their best offerings, Mobile Spy v6.5. It has features to record the phone surroundings using the phone’s microphone and it can click stealth photos from the phone camera. The mobile phone tracking software allows parents to monitor kids/teens and even employers of their activities. See all websites, emails, chats, apps, photos, videos, contacts and even GPS details. Get the best for the best of results with Mobile Spy mobile monitoring software.

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New Alert and Stealth Monitoring Features with Mobile Spy Version 6.5

Retina-X Studios, developers of world renowned mobile phone monitoring software Mobile Spy, has recently announced the release of their newest update, Mobile Spy version 6.5. This new update version 6.5 will combine all the previous features, while also introducing various other monitoring and surveillance features to assist parents and employers with all their mobile monitoring needs.

The hybrid Mobile Spy from Retina-X Studios monitoring software/service was created specifically for employers and parents who are in need of monitoring the activities of their kids and/or employees who they have given their Android, iPhone, or BlackBerry mobile phone to. Now thanks to the new Mobile Spy version 6.5 update, users can monitor much more with more in depth monitoring features. But before getting into all the new monitoring features and surveillance options, here’s a real quick look at what the Mobile Spy software already brings to the table.

Mobile Spy Monitoring Features on Previous version

   Logging Features                                LIVE Control Panel Features (Optional Add-on)

✔ Call Info and SMS Text                              ✔ View Live Screen
✔ GPS Tracking                                            ✔ View Live GPS Locations
✔ Apps Installed                                            ✔ Remote Lock/Unlock
✔ Websites Visited                                        ✔ Email Log Delivery
✔ Record Photos/Videos                               ✔ Remote Uninstall

Along with the plethora of great monitoring features already available, the Mobile Spy version 6.5 software update enables users to keep a closer eye (or ear) on the activities taking place on and now surrounding their mobile phone. Below is an outline of some of the new available version 6.5 monitoring and surveillance features.

New Mobile Spy Version 6.5 Features

  • Record Microphone Surrounding: This new stealth surveillance feature allows users to listen to audio clips recorded remotely using the actual microphone on the monitored mobile phone. Just by logging into the Live Control Panel, users can send a stealth remote command to the phone to turn on the microphone and record sound in the immediate surrounding area. From the Control Panel, users can chose how long to record each audio clip and can even download it for later offline reviewing if necessary.
  • Stealth Camera: This innovative new version 6.5 feature gives users the ability to use the monitored phones camera to view what is taking place in the surrounding area of the phone. Sending a silent stealth command from the Online Control Panel, users can view images from the phone using the front facing camera and also use the rear facing camera as well.
  • New Alert Options: These new notifications allow users to stay informed about things happening on the monitored phone. New alert options include Profanity Alert, Contacts Alert, Intrusion Alert, Custom Alert, and GEO-Fencing. The alert feature will notify the Mobile Spy user each time one of the alerts is triggered.

Thanks to the new Mobile Spy version 6.5 update, now parents and employers can get an even more in depth look at what activities are taking place on their monitored phone, and can now see and hear what’s taking place around it as well. The new update can be purchased from the Mobile Spy website, and/or can be easily upgraded for already existing Mobile Spy users at no extra cost.

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Borderline Friends and Screen Time Require Mobile Monitoring

Just the other day, a friend of mine told me that, she had around 958 friends on Facebook and she didn’t know way more than half of them personally! Well I obviously asked next, then why does she have some many friends or so many so called “friends” as friends. I know it doesn’t make much sense but really why did she kept adding people to her friends list when she didn’t even know them?

Here is what she told me, she said that she thought it was perfectly alright to accept request from others who seemed fine and had good photos of themselves having good fun/activities. And most of them were part of some organization she was connected with (though it was a short association). Then most of her contacts on social networking website were friends of friends. In fact she was most upset about the less like ‘friends’ she had on her list and mentioned how difficult it is to keep up with the important people in her circle. However she is up on it on a case to case basis for now (she doesn’t like the pressure).

Increased Touch Screen Time for 1-2 yr Olds

Well for our children we can’t just sit back and let them make mistakes of adding online predators as friends. At present, 90 percent of parents agree that their children less than 2 years old watch some sort of electronic media. With increased numbers of apps and games targeted at preschool kids and teens, the extent of touch-screen time for children is showing an upward surge. In one of the reviews by Children’s Technology, it was estimated that Apple alone has some 40,000 games/apps targeted at preschool and elementary school children.

New Apps around the Block

The apps market for young children and teens is ever evolving. Many people wouldn’t have heard of the app called ‘Pheed’, which has now become a #1 social networking app for chatting among kids. It became popular when the one young girl with many followers called Pheed the sickest (meaning ground breaking or coolest) app on Twitter and that was followed by other influential teens who opened Pheed channels within minutes. It all happened within a few months and that is why it is so difficult to keep pace with the new apps that kids keep using and trying. For this reason parents need Mobile Spy software for their parental monitoring needs on their childrens’ smartphone.

Chat Rooms that Include Photo/Video and File Sharing

Today most social networking websites and apps offer chat services like Facebook messenger, Microsoft Windows’ Live Chat, Gtalk, Skype, Whatsapp (independent service) and then there are also the less popular like Omegle or Roulette that takes the dangers of the internet to the next level. On Omegle and Roulette chat services, strangers can meet children as there is no need for logins/ID and it is a place for only strangers who want to chat with other strangers. Some children can definitely like such a feature of a chat service and can get in contact with online predators so this is where Mobile Spy will alert parents to kids bad exposure.

Webcam Dangers and Need for Steering Clear from them

Many free apps allow internet users to record web screen and even record videos such as Camverse, Debut Video Capture or Snagit. These apps make it possible for others to save any photo or video send by children on chat services. The damage that any compromised photo or video can cause is incomprehensible. That is why it is necessary to watch children remotely in real time with Mobile Spy. This mobile monitoring and parental control software is compatible with Android, iPhone and BlackBerry. It logs calls, contacts, websites, emails, chats, apps, GPS logs, photos/videos and much more. The Mobile Spy software will make sure only the ‘known’ get added to friends lists by kids and other worthless contacts come in light for early rectification.

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The World of Advanced Apps and Need for Filtering Software

The World of Advanced Apps and Need for Filtering SoftwareToday technological tension is highly prevalent in families where parents are super concerned over kid’s use of smartphone technology. It was once correctly said that we invent something for our betterment and then later we have to counter such innovations with yet new innovations. The older generations asked for better mobile technology and with all the ‘on the go’ access to the internet on mobile phones, we have come to a point where we want to disconnect with this constant ‘green’ status of availability online.

Recently I viewed an online video on a news website of how people used their mobile phone apps to view a show of popular country music singer Brad Paisley. All the attendees to the live performance installed an app named Brad Paisley light show on their mobile phones and became active participants by synchronizing their mobile phones to create a dazzling and flashing apps spectacle. The video is a testimony that the apps world on mobile phones is going to get more and more advanced and experimental in the coming years.

What parents need is to follow what is good and popular with the current apps culture and monitor/filter out what is objectionable and inappropriate. No parent would mind their kids to install apps that allow them to know the pulse of crime in the city, to be one step ahead of a storm season or to find out the unemployment numbers in a city. Just like these useful apps, there is one favorite among parents and employers that is PhoneSheriff for child monitoring as well as employee monitoring.

The problem increases when we as parents lose our guard and become casual. Instead it is always better to be conservative about safety especially when it comes to our kids because they are naive by default. It is also important to ensure they are not alienated from friends and family because both are necessary for their overall development.

The PhoneSheriff monitoring and filtering software works stealthily in the background and logs mobile phone activities like all call logs, contacts, websites, emails, SMS texts, IMs, chats, apps installed, photos/videos, calendar details, GPS locations , messages and also social networking logs as well.

With live control panel features, parents will be able see the live screen of the mobile phone, instant GPS locations, can initiate a call to the phone, lock the phone remotely, get SIM information in case of theft and even deliver emails to one’s primary email address. The software also allows users to block/restrict certain apps from running on the mobile phone. View all logs of Facebook, YouTube and Gmail. See how they are using the internet when you are away and see all task details from a private online control panel that is protected by a unique password with administrator rights. With this remote monitoring, parents and employers have peace of mind guaranteed.

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Monitor Android and iPhone with Cell Phone Tracking Software

There is no doubt that one of the sectors that sets a country’s progress is Information Technology or popularly known as IT sector. This is such a strong sector that people from all walks of life be it doctors, lawyers, mechanical, clerical, education, artists like photographers and designers all have used the internet and smartphones. Most people are dissatisfied with their knowledge of new technology and wish they knew better and more!

Just like Gayle King, best buddy of Oprah Winfrey and popular broadcaster considers her to be technologically challenged despite her using technology in many ways to better her day to day life. She is better off if compared to many other people as she knows how to use iPhone apps if the phone gets lost like ‘Find my iPhone’, she uses an app to find out the song name of any live song called Shazam, uses twitter and Facebook if not too much but to her own optimum level.

There are of course people who don’t know even this much and the need to know about Android cell phones and iPhone workings has become a necessity. Also it is important to learn about iPhone monitoring and cell phone tracking tools/apps that are available for parents so that we can know the pivotal details on how kids are using their cell phones in our absence.

There is so much going on today with technology and most people still don’t know tools like photo shop, Excel, how to download apps/games, copying data from CD/DVD(s) or simply how to play games that our children and teenagers love. All this know how is essential today especially for our young children as without all this knowledge they will surely be left out socially and educationally. What parents and guardians can do is they first need to install a cell phone tracking software so that they can get details like how and with whom tweens chat or talk to when they are away and how they are using the web especially when they can’t be monitored physically.

One such parental control monitoring and tracking software is PhoneSheriff that is available in the market just for parents, guardians and all employers who wish to cash in on the benefits of smartphones in the right way! As kids and employees both can easily divert from the desired to undesired activities like gambling, excessive gaming, cyber bullying, over sharing, sexting and perpetrators, which the software will surely make parents aware of with its many logging and best filtering features.

PhoneSheriff is the best cell phone tracking software that comes with logging of all phone activities like call info on the phone both received and outgoing calls, all photos and videos logs, contacts on the phone and even what apps are there on the cell phones are logged and send to a private control panel for later viewing. With real time tracking features, get live GPS tracking, all websites logs that were accessed by kids and employees and special alerts for profanity. Not just this, parents and employers can also set time limits, see calendar entries, set customer alerts for unauthorized intrusion and GEO-fencing in case kids go too far from a certain geographical limit set by you. Now parents can even block websites, apps, and contacts from their kids use so that they remain safe and sound at all times and protected even when parents are far away.

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